Peter Keightley began his world culinary tour at the age of fifteen when he received a scholarship to study Japanese at Shibuya senior high school in Tokyo. Following this influential year in Japan he experimented with Japanese food preparation in Canada.

He worked in kitchens throughout his school years and also started his first Catering company at eighteen with his best friend. He enrolled in Japanese Studies at McMaster University, ultimately dropping out in second year to move back to Japan. After two wild years in Tokyo studying Japanese further he moved back to Canada and settled in Montréal with the goal of studying French.

While living there he became involved with sailing, joining up as crew aboard the open 40 racing vessel, "Bleu Voile Océanique". Following his first Atlantic crossing with Bleu he landed in the Caribbean and took up residence on the island of Tortola. It was here that he started a career in high end cooking in restaurants and villas. After a year he was offered the position of chef aboard Sir Richard Branson's yacht S/Y Necker Belle. This launched him into an International chef career including working for the Sultan of Qatar, cooking for Paris Hilton, Princess Beatrice and many of the world's rich and famous. He has many exciting stories from his travels such as pirate attacks off the coast of Somalia, freak storms in the Mediterranean and tragedy in the lesser Antilles.

Peter has his captain's license in Canada and pilots a 36' Lobster trawler as well as a collection of sailboats. He loves to share with people not only his enthusiasm for world cuisine and culture, but also his passion for the water. In Drift he merges cooking and sailing by offering up his life experience both on land and out on Lake Huron. He can be found in Bayfield either in the kitchen creating, on the water with guests for a sunset sail, or at the bar mixing cocktails for "Drifters". 


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