History of the Llama PMP & Sailing Part II
November 19, 2010
History of the Llama PMP and Sailing PT 3
November 27, 2010

CHOCOLATE CAKE. It’s never a bad thing. Word spreads that it’s out of the oven, and hands start flapping in from the periphery like an 80’s music video. The recipe I selected comes from a wicked book a friend gave me as a reward for not streaking at his wedding… until after his Grannie left. The book was compiled from recipes submitted by friends and family who were in attendance. It was truly an amazing souvenir from the day, and IF I miraculously get married, I’m going to xerox it and hand it out as well. This same friend is one of the reasons I got into cooking.I’ll definitely write a piece about him at some point in the future. Likely after an evening at a beach bar filled with Pina Coladas and rejection. For now, find below the ripped off recipe as a rough guideline to make a decent, comforting, sometimes sexy, Nan’s chocolate cake..


I replaced the margarine with unsalted butter, and sprinkled in a couple of handfuls of Lindt dark chocolate at the end for fun. I made the icing as well- but found it a bit too sweet for my palate. Some raspberry coulis and Devonshire cream could do the trick instead…



Minka Kelly, my hot bearded girlfriend.


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